Adding a Flickr Photo in Blogger - Tutorial

I realize this is a bit of a step away from my usual posts but I've run into a couple of other bloggers recently who were struggling with adding Flickr photos in Blogger so I created a tutorial to share.

Attaching a Flickr photo to a Blogger post:

  1. Upload your photo to flickr.
  2. Navigate to the photo and click on the “share this” drop down

  1. Now grab the HTML/BBCode (right click to copy)

  1. Navigate back to your new post in Blogger. Click on the “edit HTML” tab on the right. I think it defaults to the compose tab so you have to flip over to the HTML one. Figure out where you want your picture to appear. In my case I want it after “blah blah blah new post and stuff” but before my signature.

  1. Now paste your HTML from flickr

You’ll automatically get a border around your picture which I don’t like for my blog. I highlighted here that I type in style=”border:0” which kills that border. When you go back to your compose tab, the picture will be there with no border. If you look back to the HTML, blogger will have automatically made that sloppy HTML correct with a lot more words. 

Once the picture is in, you can click on it in the compose tab to change the size,  justification, etc.

Thank you for reading,

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