My First Sock Monkey

Recently O wandered into the computer room muttering something about a banana car. I think he was just combining words to be silly (he's 2 1/2, half of what he says is meant to be funny) but I googled it and found an actual banana car made for sock monkeys. Of course, I ordered him one and my mom was more than willing to get him his very first sock monkey to drive the car.

Banana Car

Well, this got me thinking about how cool sock monkeys are and that I've never made one. I searched the web for a tutorial and ended up on this one by Web Goddess which showed me what I needed to know. Today at Rite Aid I picked up a pair of knee socks on sale for 50% off since they were considered Valentine's Day colors. I had the poly fill stuffing, buttons and thread on hand so that made this project a whopping $2.50.

Sock Monkey

I hope you'll check out the tutorial I linked to above. I would have made my own but the good camera is broken and I knew I couldn't get any good detail shots out of my phone (was lucky the one of the monkey turned out OK). I will give out one bit of advice about how to stitch the mouth though. I found that using a piece of thread to mark the smile then stitching little 'x'es over that thread line was the best way to get an evenly shaped mouth. If I make another monkey someday when I have my camera back, I'll make sure I take some pictures of how I did it.

UPDATE: More monkeys!!!

picnikfile_bwDNTh picnikfile_Z6yBQA     picnikfile_T92JUp

Check out my link on The Frugal Girls' blog!

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  1. Oh my girls love sock monkeys! These are great. I'll have to show them tomorrow. {{Hugs}}

  2. I've just thought of a darling 2 year old who would love one of these. She's a neighbor's daughter and she has a brand new baby sister so she needs a special gift just for her. Thanks!

  3. Oh my girls love sock monkeys! These are great. I'll have to show them tomorrow. {{Hugs}}

  4. This is awesome tip, Julie. Thanks for sharing your experiment.Still good insulation is really important.

  5. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

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  7. that utilizing a piece of string to check the grin then, Write My Essay Uk at that point, sewing minimal over that string line was the most ideal way to get an equally formed mouth.


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