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I always like to start each year on top of my game. That means that before one year is over, I look back and figure out what I wanted to do but didn't follow through on and make an effort to check as many of those projects off my list as I can. It is really energizing to finish off a year knowing I accomplished most of what I set out to do. This brings me to project #1 tonight:

I promised someone I'd make him a couple of capes. Who he is and why he wants capes is a long story but let's just say I couldn't help myself when I found out he also loves argyle and thought it would be fun to have a cape lined with blue argyle. I love sewing projects like this! I already created and delivered one cape so this one was just hanging over my head.




Capes are really easy to make. The main things to remember is that you want to use lightweight fabric so the end product doesn't pull on the super hero's neck. A nice wide neck band is also nice, particularly if you reinforce it with some sort of medium weight facing. Finally, you should avoid fabric with any stretch if you're going to line it (unless you have 2 fabrics with the same weave, weight and stretch). I broke one of these rules and there will always be a little bit of mismatch in the length of the cape from the outside to the inside but I hedged my bets and decided everything else about the white silky fabric was right so I tolerated a little bit of stretch.

I had some left over argyle fabric too so I jumped on another project I've been thinking about for ages. I made a skirt for a friend of mine's little girl. I had to completely guess on the size so she may have to grow into it but I used an old t-shirt for the waist and a long, gathered strip of the argyle fabric for the body of the skirt. The turtleneck onesie is from Target.



  1. LOVE that argyle pattern & the colors!!

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