More Silhouette T-shirts

Tonight I cranked out the t-shirts I wanted to decorate for O's little girlfriend S. I had picked up a handful of pink shirts and downloaded some great designs from the Silhouette library.

This first design is the "Sweet and sassy phrase" by Lori Whitlock. I noticed I've already downloaded more than a few of her designs.


This second design is one my son picked out. It was the first one he chose for himself. He has this same shirt in white with a red train so he's going to be pretty excited that his girlfriend has one too. This is the "Locomotive" design by Hero Arts.


And finally, I wanted to do a pretty shirt with her initial on it. I used the "Monogram S" shape by Rivka Wilkins.


I'm eager to find some time to do my own designs but for now I'm having a blast downloading designs from the online library. I broke down and bought a subscription so I won't have to think about how many downloads I'm grabbing. That may be a good thing or a bad thing . . . good if I can stick to paper designs (mostly free since I have more paper than anyone has a right to), not so good if I keep using up all these fantastic materials they sell online.


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