Gifts from the heart

I decided today that I'd like to give each of the moms in my son's co-op preschool a little holiday gift. As a bit of a newcomer to the group, I didn't want to go overboard and really, I also don't have the budget to get too crazy so I started thinking about what I might have on hand that I could make into a thoughtful gift. That's when it hit me I had stocked up on the makings for a bath treat as things have gone on sale. I combined unknown amounts of the following in my food processor and blended like crazy until it was all a fine dust:

Old fashioned oats (so moisturizing)
Corn starch (softens the skin)
Baking soda (softens the water)
Powdered milk (it just seemed like a good idea)
Lavender (I had some left over from a project I did when I got married almost 4 years ago)
Chamomile (another left over from the wedding)

I then loaded about 4 HEAPING tablespoons into some small muslin drawstring bags I had from a project I never finished. I secured the drawstring with one knot to keep it closed and another to give it a handle then bundled them with a tealight and a candle holder (more wedding left overs) and tucked them in little boxes, you guessed it, left over from the wedding.

I'm sure you've noticed a trend here, I came across a few items I had stashed in some boxes here and there and realized I was sitting on a gold mine. I had all the makings for great little gifts hidden in boxes throughout my house. I'm going to add a little note explaining my bath in a box gift as well as what's in the powder but otherwise they're all packaged and ready to go.


And now I'm off to soak in the tub myself . . . gotta test the product of course.


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