Custom Stockings

About a year ago I put out an ad on some mom message boards that I was willing to assemble furniture and toys (for a fee) during the holidays. I really truly enjoy doing that and figured I could pick up a few bucks for the effort. As a result, I got hooked up with someone who later asked if I would consider doing other household projects. I said yes and boy did that ever open the flood gates. I did a few projects then the family bought a new house and I helped them move and got to design both the playroom as well as their 3 year old's bedroom. Over the past year I've done basic home maintenance, helped them move, pulled off 2 great parties (planning, rentals, setup, cooking, activities, decorations, etc) and performed countless other tasks. I think my favorite so far has been decorating their new home for the holidays and specifically, designing and sewing the perfect stockings.


I actually created 4 red and 4 white stockings so that if they ever have both sets of grandparents in town for the holidays nobody has to miss out on a Santa visit. This year they only needed 5 of them hung up though.



I purchased the fabric from Pacific Fabrics in Seattle, WA and the design and pattern for the stockings was my own. My client was thrilled with the results.

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